Kelsey & Marc – 16mm Meets Super 8

A constant question I’m asked is which medium do I like the most, Super 8 or 16mm; well my answer changes from day-to day, but maybe for a true creative expression, the answer is a mix of the two mediums. Kelsey and Marc’s film was just that; unitizing both Super 8 and 16mm film, we were able to accent and show-off some of the great characteristics of each format. I love the over-saturated, grainy look, of Super 8 and am a huge fan of how clean and flexible the 16mm image is in low light. Not to mention, how the mix of mediums meld so well together to craft a beautiful and moving film. We’ll be doing more of this for sure.

~ Shot on Kodak 16mm & Super 8mm film ~
:: Event Credits ::

EVENT DESIGN: Jeanne Savage for Details Details
PHOTOGRAPHY: Joe Latter Photographer
MUSIC: “Fresh Pair Of Eyes” by Brooke Waggoner (Licensed by The Music Bed)

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