Lakeside Wedding in Switzerland

We had the immense honor of producing Geraldine & Felix’s wedding film in the beautiful town of Ascona, Switzerland; a place I hope I can revisit often. I could go on and on about the detail and rich history of the church in which they said their wedding vows and the beauty and character of the island villa they partied at all night long, but I think it’s better said with images than words, so I’ll stop here :)

~ Shot on Kodak 16mm & Super 8mm film ~

:: Event Credits ::

LOCATION: Ascona Switzerland

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  • Kevin December 18, 2012  

    Incredible! Love every second of this film and this couple.

  • Curtis Heyne December 18, 2012  

    Thanks Kevin. Glad you liked it.

  • Tan Weiwei January 29, 2013  

    Oh wow great video! The song fits the video very well too. What a wonderful location for a shoot. Loved it.

  • Fotograf Åšlubny Lublin March 13, 2014  

    nice, I would like to see more scenes from the street:)