New York New York Wedding on Film

Alex and Allison hosted a beautiful event for their friends and family to share with them. From the quiet village of Gramercy Park to the busy Manhattan’s streets, their wedding day was filled with a soft elegance that blended perfectly with the more energetic characteristics of New York City.

:: Event Credits ::

LOCATION: The Altman Building
EVENT DESIGN: Daughter of Design
PHOTOGRAPHER: Alicia Swedenborg
PRODUCED BY: Living Cinema
SHOT ON: Kodak 16mm Film

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One comment

  • Rabbi Rosalind Glazer August 17, 2017  

    Am I really the first to comment on this stunning video? Ok – the couple is gorgeous and in love. CHECK. The wedding planning was spot on! CHECK! The synagogue and Park and site for the feast were perfect! CHECK. The family was incredibly supportive and the friends partied until the cows came home! CHECK. Great dress, great food, great everything. CHECK. And this video-film ABOVE AND BEYOND it all BECAUSE YOUR STUNNING ARTISTRY CAPTURED IT ALL. Thank you! (Oh…and by the way…Rabbi Rosalind Glazer wasn’t “chopped-liver” either). CHECK, CHECK!