We’re not distracted by technology or a new piece of equipment because, for us, the classics serve our purpose and vision. There will always be something new or “better,” but what keeps our focus is the art of telling a story on film.

16mm film is by far our most popular medium with Super 16 being the more sophisticated and less vintage looking older brother of the family. The 16mm family is regularly sought after for high-end advertisement campaigns and scripted television productions.

Super 8 is a beautiful format that is a lot of fun to shoot. It is the less perfect but its spontaneous textures and look are what make it so charming. We love to mix Super 8 in with our films or shoot it on its own to create that one-of-a-kind nostalgic look.

In 2012, we’ll be offering 35mm film coverage as an additional option for our clients. With its well-known reputation in television and feature films, 35mm film boasts phenomenal color, detail, and low light capabilities.

Audio is a huge part of the story within every film, we offer sync sound as an option to capture the vows, toasts, and those once in a lifetime moments where the spoken word tells half the story.